Meet The Squad

Who’s responsible for this mess?

We are! We’re a small team (or squad, if you will) of four people, working together to tell a fun story about curses and the confusing and circuitous path to revenge. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do, and we’re glad to have you here.


Jesse is the writer and main creative force behind the story of Something Wicked. They spend an inordinately large amount of time coming up with storylines and bringing together plot threads that you thought slipped by unnoticed. Despite suspicions to the contrary, Jesse does actually know how to draw reasonably well.

Jesse can be found here: or


Leo does art and comics and animation and listens to a whole lot of music. Leo has never listened to “Welcome to the Black Parade” and therefore isn’t a real emo, but still is one in our hearts.

Leo can be found here: and


Nya would roll herself in glitter every day if she had that much glitter. She loves colors and baking. She does art and character design and spends a lot of time thinking about alternate universes where the curse squad is still a squad but maybe not quite so cursed.

Nya can be found here:


Sphor is lightning fast mcgee when it comes to drawing, and is really cool when she isn’t shitposting (and sometimes when she is, too, but don’t tell her we said that).

Sphor can be found here: