The Cast

Throughout the story, there will be many exciting characters to meet. For your convenience, we have listed the most important ones in order of appearance.

We do our best to keep this relatively spoiler-free, but tread carefully.

The Squad


Isla has lost her entire memory, and is haunted by the deal that she made with the witch–one that she cannot even remember the terms to. She must collect her memories again if she and her friends will ever have a chance of finding and killing the witch.


Lucian has lost her soul, and it has left her numb in body and heart. Unable to sleep, eat, or feel pain, Lucian endures, only comforted with the fact that one day she’ll get revenge.


Solanus sold her body to a witch in an unfortunate accident. Now, she’s only bound to objects, only able to interact with the outside world with her voice. She’s sensitive to magic in a way most aren’t, which can be both a blessing and a curse…

Other Characters

The Witch

Nobody knows anything about the witch beyond rumors and whispers. It only appears before the desperate and the foolish who are willing to pay the price. The witch may have been human once, but now it has become something wholly monstrous, entirely consumed by the magic it wields. Some say it’s the most powerful witch in existence, for the idea that something even more powerful can exist is too terrible to consider.

The Ghost in the Forest

Reportedly named Rayner, the ghost was once a fisherman who was ostracized from his home town and built a house in the nearby swamps. Due to difficulties of building it and the continued efforts of others to remove him from the area, he made a deal with a witch to protect his lands and home. When the town faced a destructive storm, he chose to stand his ground, and died. He hasn’t been able to move on, and haunts the forest to this day.


A person who was cursed by a witch about one year ago to catch on fire if they go out into the sun. The curse fire is not lethal, but excruciatingly painful, which makes living difficult. They live with their boyfriend, Liam, in a witch’s house in the mountains.


A young man who lost his body when he was cursed by a witch, and is bound to a small house in the mountains. He has lost all physical sensation, including the ability to touch his boyfriend, Caelan, who lives with him. He is searching for a way to break his curse.


An automaton whose very existence is a peculiarity in a world full of peculiarities. He manages an artificed palace that floats so high in the sky that it is only spoken of in rumors and folk tales from before the Empire was established. A master of artifice beyond anyone in living memory, he builds strange and wonderful creations that can only be dreamed of for reasons only he understands.


A mysterious person who seems to be the only one in town aware of the never-ending festival. They don’t want to talk about their past, and will only say that a witch cursed them so everyone, past and future, would forget them. They don’t believe it’s possible to break their curse.