Hello, curse squad fans!! We’re always working on new content for you to enjoy, and we’ve had this one on the back burner for a while. Now we’ve finally gotten it to a place where we feel like we can announce this exciting project:

Wicked Hearts: the Something Wicked Dating Simulator!

Wicked Hearts is the combined efforts of all four of us and some talented programmer friends of ours. Make friends, make enemies, and most of all fall in love with the entire cast of the story!

The game will launch with all of the major characters you’ve come to know over the last 6 months, and we will be adding the new faces at the end of their respective storylines, so you’ll never run out of romantic options.* Here are some previews of gameplay.

Some characters will be harder to sway than others, but the hijinks along the way will no doubt bring you closer together. And lucky for all of you, we have a playable demo for you to enjoy as part of our first update on this exciting project.

Download the demo here!

*until the story is concluded.