Character Expression Requests

Since Jesse’s been busy, I decided to do something a bit bigger for this week’s art post. I posted agenderjirachi’s expression drawing meme thingy in our Discord and let people suggest characters to draw!! I’ve still got one to knock out, but I might post that only to the tumblr, depending on if i get any more. I’ll be doing these till Thursday so if you desperately want, oh i dunno, aurel doing the >:3c face, hop on into the discord and come get yall juice

Isla Nouveau

one of these days i’ll post art that’s directly related to the week’s updates but that day is not today

Finals Week Is Killing Me so this is art from a project i did a couple weeks ago but never posted. It was done on paper! With markers! wild

i dunno what else to write i’ve been working on stuff all day and my brain is Fried