00.02 – Setting Out

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It doesn’t take long to get everything together. Between the two of them–three of them, if Solanus really counts–there’s only enough to fill two bags with room to spare. Lucian takes the larger one, despite Isla’s protests.

“I don’t get tired,” she says, with a face that makes Isla think she’s had this argument before. “I might as well carry more.”

Lucian leads the way out of the cave. It’s not long before Isla starts to smell salt and sea air.

“Come on,” Lucian says. “If we leave now, we can probably get back to the mainland and find a place to stay before sunset.”

Isla opens her mouth to answer, then steps out into the open and the words fall flat in her mouth.

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00.01 – Waking Up

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She wakes slowly.

There’s cold, damp stones under her back and the sound of dripping water out in the distance. She takes a deep breath–the air is stale–and she opens her eyes. It’s dark.

Everything hurts.

She lies there, staring up into the darkness. Where is she? How did she get here? She tries to get her thoughts together, but she can’t gather an answer. She can’t seem to remember much of anything at all.

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